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DLSA Ganderbal Orgainses Legal Awareness Programme On NALSA (Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse & Eradication of Drug Menace) scheme 2015.


District Legal Services Authority, Ganderbal in Collaboration with Government College of Engineering & Technology Safapora organized a legal awareness programme on NALSA (Legal services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace), Scheme, 2015 at Auditorium Hall, Government College of Engineering & Technology Safapora .
The programmes was held under the supervision of Chairperson District Legal Services Authority (Pr. District & Sessions Judge) Ganderbal “Ms. Shazia Tabasum” and under the guidance of “Ms. Tabasum” Secretary District Legal Services Authority Ganderbal.
The Programme was attended by Faculty members of College, Officials of DLSA Ganderbal, Students and PLVs. Advocate Abid Jeelani, Dr. Mansha Hamid and students of Government College of Engineering & Technology Safapora spoke on the occasion.
During the programme, Dr. Mansha Hamid spread awareness amongst the participants about dangers of drug abuse as well as its relation with oral health and factors which lead to drug addiction and ways how can we prevent it. She highlighted the ill effects of drug menace on society.
She said that indulging in abuse brings mental as well as physical stress to the victims which makes them vulnerable to other anti social activities.
Advocate Abid Jeelani highlighted various stringent provisions provided under the NDPS Act 1985 for drug abuse and discussed NALSA (Legal services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace), Scheme, 2015.
He talked about the importance of sensitizing the youth about the harmful effects of drugs, So that they get liberated from the trap of drug addiction.
He said that the increasing drug users in the J&K, especially among the students, poses a grave danger on the psychological health of adolescents with the possibility of developing substance use disorder, leading to major behavior changes, including mood disorders, depression, anxiety, thought disorders, as well as a personality disorders like antisocial personality traits.
He said the objectives of the NALSA scheme is  to disseminate awareness amongst the general masses regarding the Legal Provisions, various Policies, Programmes and Schemes, in respect of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances as well as to create awareness about the ill effects of drug abuse amongst the children in schools and colleges, street children, urban slum children, injective drug user(s), families, prisoners, workers in unorganized Sector, Chemists, drug pedlars, sex workers and general masses etc, to spread awareness amongst the parents, teachers and students about the ill effects of the substance abuse.To sensitize the various stakeholders viz; Judiciary, Prosecution,Members of Bar, Police, Forensic
Laboratories, De-addiction Centres, Corrective Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, School, College and University administration, Children Homes, Old-age Homes, NariNiketans, Schools for Special Children, Ministerial Staff of Courts, etc about the drug menace and effective measures to curb it & to mobilize the available infrastructure in identifying the victims ofdrug abuse, their treatment and post detoxification rehabilitation and to tap the potential of the Panchayati Raj Institutions/Local Bodies at grassroot level for intervention and prevention of drug abuse and destruction of illicit cultivation of plants used to derive the drugs/ substances.

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