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Coordination meeting of Civil Admin & Police held at Ganderbal


DC calls for proactive coordination for addressing development, law & order issues

Mir Showkat/Ganderbal / The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ganderbal, Shyambir, presided over a coordination meeting involving the civil administration and Police officers at the Conference Hall of the Mini Secretariat Ganderbal.

The DC emphasized on ensuring proactive coordination between the police and civil administration for implementing the whole of government approach to both development and law and order issues.

Earlier, the meeting began with an in-depth discussion on various pressing matters, including illegal construction, illicit mining, encroachments, drug de-addiction activities, and the installation of CCTV cameras.

Shyambir underscored the importance of a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach to tackle these issues effectively.

In a joint effort to combat illegal construction activities, Tehsildars received firm directives to enhance field inspections. The SSP sought police assistance during encroachment drives to ensure the enforcement of regulations.

The status of CCTV camera installation in the district was reviewed, with the DC instructing Tehsildars and police to conduct joint surveys to ensure comprehensive coverage.

To address the issue of illegal mining, the District Mineral officer was directed to seize vehicles engaged in such activities. Additionally, Tehsildars and police officials were tasked with closely monitoring illegal mining by obtaining permission details, route maps, and dumping yard information.

The DC urged Tehsildars to engage with Civil Society members, including senior citizens and eminent individuals, to gather regular feedback on any unlawful matters within their jurisdictions.

The meeting also delved into election preparations, covering the nomination of Sector Magistrates, Zonal Magistrates, Flying Squads, and vulnerability assessments of polling stations. Discussions included the SVEEP Plan and other related arrangements to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process.

The coordination meeting exemplified the commitment of the Ganderbal administration and police force to work together proactively, fostering a safer and more developed environment for the people of the district.

The meeting was attended by SSP Ganderbal, Sandeep Gupta; Additional District Development Commissioner, Mushtaq Ahmad Simnani; ASP, Aijaz Ahmad Malik; ADC, Gulzar Ahmad; Tehsildars, SHOs, NTs, and other relevant authorities.

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