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Drug Control Authorities close down 06 medical shops at Kulgam


Mir Showkat/Kulgam / Drug Control Authorities today closed down 06 medical shops in Kelam, Agroo, Devsar, Brinal and Lammar of district Kulgam after they were found violating the conditions of licenses besides other mandatory Govt. directive regarding CCTV and Computerized Billing System and issuance of cash memos/invoices.

Moreover, many other pharmacies were also inspected and statutory drug samples were lifted for analysis purposes to ascertain their quality parameters.

The team of officers headed by Assistant Drug Controller Anantnag informed that such inspections are routinely carried out as mandated under law.

He added that our organisation has already sensitized chemists to adopt a robust system for maintenance of records and CCTV Surveillance to plug in gaps to avoid misuse of essential life saving scheduled formulations along with observing conditions of licenses.

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