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Dr Darakhshan Andrabi unfurls Tricolour at Waqf Central Office at Jammu, felicitates the best performing employees

Mir Showkat/Srinagar / Chairperson of JK Waqf Board Dr Syed Darakhshan Andrabi unfurled tricolour at a special event held at Waqf Central Office at Jammu and felicitated the best performing employees of the Board during the past one year.

Chief Executive Officer of the Board Dr Syed Majid Jehangir, Administrator Jammu Mudassir Iqbal & Tehsildar of the Board for Jammu province Fareed Ahmad were also present on the occasion.

Dr Andrabi presented a special award to the CEO Dr Majid Jehangir for his contribution in the Board.

Later Dr Andrabi in her address said that India has the honour of being the mother of democracy and our Constitution reflects our civilizational belief in democracy and equality of all citizens.

Paying great tributes to our Constitution makers, Dr Andrabi said that we are fortunate to have the world’s best Constitution with us and this has helped us in nurturing our value systems and our democratic institutions.

“During the past ten years, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, our country has emerged as a leader in the modern world affairs.

We are undoubtedly the Vishwaguru now and every citizen of India is part of this modern & exceptional growth story of India”, said Dr Andrabi.

She said that India is the only country on this globe with such a diversity and it is like a beautiful graden of different varities of flowers.

“India believes in harmony not because of any internal or external compulsion but because of the age old tradition of this great land where diversity has always been respected and accepted.

Let’s all unite to make this country the world leader in all spheres of life as envisioned by our honourable Prime Minister”, said Waqf Board Chairperson.

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